Here’s the Best Of The Red Sox Destroying LA’s Visitor Locker Room

The emotional rollercoaster is over in decisive fashion. Only three losses throughout the playoffs is plenty reason to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. The Red Sox did just that in LA while the fans held down the fort in Boston. Here’s what you missed Sunday night if you went to bed like the rest of the Yankee fans.

Let’s head to the boys in LA to start.

It all needs to start somewhere. For everyone in Boston, it couldn’t have ended in a better way…With Machado bending the knee.

There’s no party like a Big Papi party. We know that very well up in Boston.

Benny Buckets can’t stop popping bottles.

Since the Red Sox have class, we wait to win to rub it in, but oh boy do they know how to rub it in.

And then there was the bucket of beer cannonballs. And no shortage of them.

Slick Rick and his willy getting in on the action as well.

Now let’s head East and see what’s going on in Boston.

Everybody in this bitch is celebrating, even the po-po.

The song may be old and overplayed, but god damn does it sound nice right about now.

Nothing like a nice disease to celebrate.

And we’ll end with a sacrifice of this woman to the baseball God’s. She’s in their hands now.

There’s much more celebrating to be done during the parade Wednesday. Be prepared with your Branded Sports Goggles SZN tee. You’d be foolish not to get one.

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Feature Image via @SurvivingGrady on Twitter

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