Josh Gordon To Be Held Out During Buffalo Game in First Patriots Hiccup

This was supposed to be a run of the mill, annoying Pats/Bills game in which the Pats look uglier than they should then win by two touchdowns when it’s all said and done.

But no, shit has to get interesting as always. I can’t just sit back, kick my feet up and watch a Patriots beat down of the Bills wearing the same smile I’ve had since the Sox win last night. Instead Josh Gordon has to run into his first hiccup of the season and will now be held out during the first quarter.

This really sucks. Not because it’s not correctable, it is. It sucks because the Pats will look to spread the field tonight. Michel is out (I’ll get to that later) and James White is best as a pass catcher. As far as Gordon goes individually, I wouldn’t say tardiness is a reason to give up on him. With that said, he better come guns blazing for the final three quarters to have any credibility in that locker room going forward.

More than anything it’s just annoying. Like come on man don’t do that. But here we are, and the Pats defense has a chance to bounce back and find their mojo against the lowly Derek Anderson and co.

There are a few noteworthy points on Patriots side to keep in mind. We’re not fully healthy by any means.

Cannon and Michel are two guys you absolutely need to succeed moving forward. Luckily, the Bills could be confused for a CFL team, so if they are to be out, this is the week. The fact that Michel has been at practice is a great sign due to the violent nature of his injury. Bullet dodged right there. However, Cannon is a growing concern that gets worse by the week. Now he is dealing with a concussion, which is good in the sense that it won’t necessarily sideline him for the whole season. But the uncertainty that concussions pose is worrisome.

I’m treating this game as if it is the preseason. The main objective isn’t winning, that’s a foregone conclusion. The goal here is to survive. No injuries, no tomfoolery, just a good old fashioned shellacking that ends with Brian Hoyer under center.

Give me that and I’d say it’s been a damn good Monday night.

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