We Have Never Seen Gritty and Conor McGregor In The Same Room, Just Saying…

Gritty recently celebrated his one month birthday and the world has been a better place with him in it. In a time where being orange must be tough on a guy, Gritty always has a positive attitude.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.15.13 PM.png

But Gritty doesn’t take any shit either.

When he first came into our lives one whole month ago, I was worried he was too forced. Like a group of Flyers executives sat in a conference room saying “let’s just do something really fucking out there and the millennials will love it”. Well, they were right. I fucking love Gritty. I’ve been mystified by his charm since he was born. It feels like Gritty is way older than one month; it feels like I’ve known Gritty my whole life. I can’t wait to tell my kids about Gritty.

After all, this is my favorite video to ever exist on the entire internet.

But recently I saw a photo of Conor McGregor that has had the gears in my brain churning ever since.

Image: Associated Press

OK so that’s Conor McGregor.

Image: Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire/Getty

And this is Gritty.

Again here they are side by side. On the left is Conor McGregor, on the right is Gritty.

Conor McGregor is known for his commanding stage presence and how he electrifies a crowd.

Some would describe Gritty the exact same way.

Until we see these two in a room together I won’t believe that they aren’t the same person. I know the money’s a little better in the UFC but it’s obvious the showmanship is Conor’s true passion. Smart of him to start thinking of a career after fighting, he does have another baby on the way. He needed time to build Gritty’s popularity, and to make sure people would love him. Everything pretty much checks out. Oh and also:

This isn’t a ploy to have Gritty walk out with Conor at his next fight, but it would be a blessing to the world if that happened organically.


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