Tinder and Bumble Chronicles

The greatest blog of all time is back this week. Branded’s Tinder/Bumble Chronicles. Enjoy and have a safe weekend people!


Cat dudes are a real problem. Stay away ladies


It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work.


Honestly, sounds like a ton of fun


Ashley is a little too much. Great jaw line but the murder part is a hard pass





Love this! Swipe right if you dare. I mean they are all like 5s but you’re rolling the dice you might get that hard 2 on the right


Sorry Caitlyn. You didn’t end up on Barstool or Old Row but you got the next best thing with Branded



Have to respect the honesty here. Adele is out here just trying get some D. God’s speed



This week’s cheater. Sabrina, the small business owning life ruiner 



Sabrina meet Anthony, Anthony this is Sabrina



I’m sure this isn’t the first time she heard this



This, ladies, is how you Tinder



Paul is either a liar or he aged like an avocado 



Matthew doesn’t seem like a douche at all



Brittany just getting murdered on her birthday, hate to see that



Speaking of murder, Kaitlyn seems……nice



Ummmmmm…….no Matt



Those first two lines are a roller coaster 



Damn that auto correct



Travis handling his wife getting crushed by other dudes like a champ. Good luck fella



Admit it, you thought it was Niki’s boobie. Also what happened to her leg? Doesn’t seem like the best time to grab a doughnut. 

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October 27, 2018 12:02 pm

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