The Sox Make Their Final Road Trip This Season to Close Out The World Series in LA

If you’ve followed my blogs at all throughout the playoffs, you’ll know I was a hot mess during the ALDS and CS. Despite only losing two games during the postseason so far, this team had me on pins and needles as they worked through the American League.

However, I said it before this series, and I say it with even more conviction now. The Dodgers aren’t in the same league as the Red Sox. No one is to be honest, but the Dodgers are on an even lower pedestal than anything the Sox have faced this postseason. That’s not me overlooking a team, or even disrespecting them. I’m being a grade-A journalist and only spitting facts.

My mood has changed from anxious during the ALCS to now excitement. I watch these games with a smile permanently painted on my face. As a Boston fan, I’m no strangers to the stress of a championship game or series. This is different though. I have no stress. I sit here and enjoy the games in a elated state. It’s really abnormal.

I can explain this feeling. It’s not cockiness or overlooking an opponent. It’s trust. I know this Sox team isn’t in the business of taking any team lightly in the playoffs. They proved that for the millionth time in games one and two.

It’s time to continue to trend of dancing on opponents graves. This victim is different though. The NL is a whole different monster. In the NL, we get to see Ole’ Big Stick Rick slug it out at the plate.

The last couple of games here does leave one thing to be desired. A Mookie Betts home run. He hasn’t sent one since the regular season and it’s about goddamn time. With that being said, as the nicest person on Earth, Mookie isn’t worried about the home run. He’s worried about the homeless.

Listen, Mookie is just being Mookie here. He’s the most kind human in the world and he was just doing what he thought was right. But as an outsider, I know what this means. Good karma doesn’t happen on the field. It happens off of it and Mookie has enough to hit a dinger in every at bat he has for the rest of the season. Luckily, I only want one. Just one is all I ask. Mookie has been a factor in this postseason as it’s gone on in a big way, but going yard one last time would be the bow on top of the trophy.

So let’s bust out those road grays and go do some grave dancing in LA. The best way to do that is with our fire Goggles SZN shirt.

You’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it.

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Feature Image via USA Today

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