Scott Foster is back…at Hawks Practice

There were very few bright spots during the 2017-18 Blackhawks season. But, the brightest by far was when backup-to-the-backup emergency goalie, Scott Foster, came in relief against the Winnipeg Jets on March 29.

Foster, an accountant in the Chicagoland area by day, took the hockey world by storm with his performance and cemented his place as a Blackhawks legend (yeah, I said it).

He came in as the result of the weirdest NHL rule ever that requires emergency goalies at the arena to play in case either team’s two dressed goalies go down during the game. Which, in this case, happened when both Anton Forsberg and Collin Delia got hurt for the Hawks.

And now, everyone’s favorite emergency goaltender is back this season as a third goalie during the team’s weekly optional skates, according to the Blackhawks blog.

Personally, I’m excited for Foster to be back around the Hawks. He’s an inspiration, can rally the guys this season when they’re down and offer tax advice while he’s on the ice.

I’m curious if Foster has snagged a few new clients during his time with the Hawks. I’m sure his company doesn’t mind that he’s missing time at the office with these morning skates if he’s added a few millionaire hockey players to their client list.

Still need to get my #90 Scott Foster jersey soon…

Foster jersey
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