Eagles In London

The Eagles have landed across the pond in desperate need for a win.

Here’s some thoughts that are burning a hole in my brain, as well as some keys for the Eagles to get that much needed W.

  • I hate London games

Maybe after Sunday I can be convinced otherwise, but a 9:30 am kickoff sucks. Especially on a day where the Rams play the Packers @ 4:25, and the Saints play the Vikings @ 8:20.  I’m a creature of habit. I live for the Sunday morning anticipation of the 1 PM kickoff.  Again, maybe I can be convinced otherwise, but I doubt it.


  • Jaguars London experience 

Some are dismissing the experience factor for playing in London… I am not.


Last season in London the Jaguars embarrassed the Ravens 44-7. Yes, that was a much better Jags team, but in 2016 a 3 win Jags team beat the Colts in a shootout 30-27.

Bottom line: This is basically a home game for the Jags.

  • Doug Pederson vs Doug Marrone 

The Eagles have been playing with a target on their back all season, and that will certainly be the case again on Sunday thanks to Doug Pederson’s book (that I absolutely despise btw.)

Of course I’m referring to the part in the book where Pederson ripped Marrone for being too conservative before halftime of the AFC title game.

(Read more by clicking here )

I’m sure that Doug Marrone has had this game circled since the schedule came out.

  • Attack the slot

I mentioned last week that the tight ends and slot wide receivers could have a big day vs the Panthers. Ertz and Goedert went on to combine for 13 catches for 181 yards and a TD.

Luckily for the Eagles, the Jags have also struggled against slot WRs/ TEs this season.

Week 2: Chris Hogan – 3/42/2

Week 5: Travis Kelce- 5/100

Week 6: Cole Beasley- 9/101/2

  • Get Agholor involved

If the Eagles are going to attack the slot, then Nelson Agholor has to be more involved. I’ve seen enough of Jordan Matthews to know that he stinks. Agholor needs to be put in a better position to succeed.



If Cole fucking Beasley can go for 101 and 2 vs this vaunted (overrated) Jags defense, then Agholor can certainly have a big day.

  • Establish some sort of run game

I know a lot has been made about the run game as of late, and while I’m not a “run the ball more” guy, this week may be a a good time to do just that.

The Jaguars are 25th in the league vs the run allowing 121.9 yards-per-game. If the Eagles can establish some sort of run game it will keep some heat off of Carson Wentz and exploit a weakness in the process.

I understand the Eagles running back situation is a mess… but would it hurt to get Corey Clement more involved??

  • Bid day for the D-Line 

This is mouthwatering match-up for the Eagles defensive line. Over the last 3 games the Jags have allowed 12 sacks.

If you want to help your struggling secondary, put Bortles and/or Kessler on their ass.

  • The season IS on the line 

I hate the term “must win game” but this is a must win game!!!!

The Jaguars just aren’t very good right now. In their last 3 games they are 0-3 and have been outscored 90-28.

If the Eagles can’t win this game, then they don’t deserve to go to the playoffs.

  • Ramifications of a Win 

The trade deadline is next Tuesday. If the Eagles get to 4-4, it should make for an interesting upcoming week.

The Eagles have a huge advantage with a bye week during the deadline. Howie Roseman can focus on upgrading this roster without a game looming over the teams head next Sunday.

DeVante Parker looked pretty damn good to me last night catching 6 balls for 134 yards. He seems like a no-brainer for the Eagles from both a talent and compensation perspective, plus the Eagles and Dolphins already have a relationship.

At this point we have to trust that Howie Roseman will make the necessary moves to get this team into the playoffs.

But for the trade deadline to mean anything, they have to win on Sunday!!!

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