College Football Week 9

Last Week 4-1 WAZZZZZZZZU!!!! and F Temple

2018 College Football Season 29-11

#9 Florida vs #7 Georgia (-1) at Jacksonville, Florida 

Welcome to the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” yea that’s right, I called it that. Unfortunately, according the always reliable Wiki,

In 2006 both schools and the Southeastern Conference asked CBS and the city to abandon the name in promotions due to concerns about alcohol abuse by students and other attendees.

This is why were losing to the other countries! Goddamn PG America. Don’t worry, in 2009 the student governments of both schools came up with this.



Left – Red&Black Right –Wiki

A massive 10 foot long Oar with symbols of both schools symbols on each side. Winner takes it home (yay!)

Regardless, the tailgating scene is ridiculous, no matter how hard the city of Jacksonville tries to tame it. Also, rumor has it there’s a game.

Georgia over Florida

#18 Iowa at #17 Penn State (-5.5)

I could spare you the details, because I’m pretty sure you know who I’m going to pick. But being a non-bias blogger, I have a job to provide you with facts and make my pick off those facts.

*dusts off Penn State diploma*

This is do or die for the Hawkeyes. If they can pull of an upset in Happy Valley, the rest of their season is a cake walk until the Big Ten Championship. If they lose this game, kiss the CFP goodbye. Penn State is coming back to Happy Valley with 2 straight losses at home. CFP are not happening, so now their fighting for a “decent” bowl game. Can’t lose three straight at home.

Penn State over Iowa

#14 Washington State at #24 Stanford (-2.5)

Washington State had themselves a week.

College GameDay rolled into Pullman, the Cougars upset then ranked #12 Oregon. That type of momentum will head into Stanford, who has been on the decline of late. Bryce Love has 348 yards rushing to his name. That’s what happens when you have a big year, the target is on your back the next year. Against Power 5’s, Stanford has either won close or loss big. Expect this one to be a big loss.

Washington State over Stanford.

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