Branded Ru’s Best Twitter Of The Week: @90sWWE

I have been following @90sWWE for a while now and I can say without and hyperbole it’s the best twitter account twitter has to offer.  In fact it’s so good I should have written this a long time ago.  In life there is one thing that connects everyone who was born before 1994.  Old school WWF.  Not WWE not the PG stuff they have on TV now.  I’m talking old school WWF with blood, cursing, and real entertainment.  Stone Cold, The Rock, DX all filled our now adult lives with one liners that we all use periodically.  @90sWWE helps give back some of the best moments from that era with quick clips of all of those good times.  I’m on there getting lost multiple times a day.  Here are some great recent ones..

I can honestly post 100 more of these it’s so good.  Go Give @90sWWE a follow now and continue to be entertained and relive your youth!

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