Beer for your Football Weekend

Peanut butter and jelly go well together, as does lamb and tuna fish. But an even better combo is beer and football. Whenever you see a football game on TV, it’s second nature to head to the fridge and grab a cold one. Can’t get a better feeling than having a cold refreshing beer, sitting on the couch, and watching your favorite team on the tube. I feel like no one uses the term ‘tube’ anymore, let’s change that.

Start the Morning Right

Take it from me, coffee does not help a hangover. Neither does water or Gatorade. You need the hair of the dog, you need a beer! That first beer will put you back where you were last night. Sure you made an ass of yourself at the companies happy hour, but you’ll deal with that on Monday. It’s Saturday, time to day drink, and in order to day drink, you gotta start in the morning.

Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout ABV 6.1% – Rogue Ale Brewing Newport, Oregon


Beer Apprentice

Don’t let the dark appearance scare you, the aroma notes of cocoa and chocolate will ease you back into those drinking pants. You’ll get a small coffee taste, but that’s from the roasted malt. Like most stouts, this one isn’t as heavy, so you’ll save some room for more beer and much needed food.

Also Recommend

Double Vice Coffee Porter ABV 6.8% – Grist House Brewery Pittsburgh, Pa

This is your Coffee substitute, luckily you don’t need cream and sugar. Everything about this beer screams coffee, the smell, appearance, and taste. The coffee taste hits you first, then you’ll notice a slight smoking roasted malt taste on the back end. You’ll have to be in the Pittsburgh area to purchase it, if you are, I highly recommended making a trip to Grist House.

Kick Off 

At this point, your hangover should be gone (hopefully) and you’re ready for the day drinking beer. You find your spot on the couch (Pro Tip: Should be right next to your beer fridge, maximize your relaxation) and let the day begin. This beer will carry you throughout the day, so you’ll need one that’s low ABV yet full of flavor.

All Day IPA ABV 4.70% – Founders Brewing Company Grand Rapids, Michigan


Session Ale means you can drink more than one and your taste buds won’t get
“burned out” from the hops. I mean the name itself, All Day IPA, speaks for itself. The aroma will smell like grass and citrus, with a little bit of pines. The tastes isn’t heavy like a normal IPA, but you still get the full flavor of an IPA. Some people will say it’s a watered down IPA, but it’s not, its an IPA that’s drinkable all day (there it is again).

Not a Craft Beer drinker?

Luckily the American beer marketing is flooded with light beers for consumers to purchase. Completely understand if you want to be a little bitch and have tasteless beer for your football weekend. But Hey! that’s why America is great, you have a choice of beer, even if it’s Miller, Bud, or god forbid Natty. Seriously, if you’re not in college, you shouldn’t be buying Natty.

Night Game

It’s been a long day of watching football and drinking some brews. You’re basically glued to your couch after consuming enough calories to last you the week. Then you get the text from your boys. Time to hit the bar for the night game. You love the indoor life, but you also love the football guy life. Plus, your on day 43 without sex, time to hunt.

After tucking your belly back in your pants and wiping the buffalo sauce from your face, you hit the bar. Your full, that’s good, you can consume more alcohol, but you can’t drink the heavy stuff. Do you switch to hard liquor? NO, that’s a one way ticket to Blackout City.

Pikeland Pils 4.9% Sly Fox Brewing Company Pottstown, Pa


365 days of beer

It’s a pilsner beer with more flavor than your common pils. You’ll smell lemon, grassy (almost like cut grass, weird but smells pretty good), and wheat. The taste is light and refreshing, you’ll get more of the grassy hop taste than the other aromas. Anyone new to craft beer should start with Pikeland Pils before explore further. If you’re able to find it in a can, buy the can over tap. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Godspeed this weekend, and drink responsible.

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