WTF is Kendall Jenner Wearing?

I guess I just don’t understand fashion anymore.  I like to think I dress pretty well, and I also like to think I have good taste in clothing.  But this makes me question everything.

Kendall looks like someone’s gf in the middle of winter when she throws her dude’s jacket on to take the dog outside.  It’s just not a good look.  I don’t care how good looking the woman is.  If you’re rocking a 4XL Tall jacket, you look fucking stupid.

I think Kendall’s idiot brother-in-law might be rubbing off on her.


Kendall should really start taking fashion tips from her dad.


Now here you have a gal who gets it.  A nice modest red dress with a lovely necklace.  Subtle, yet bold.  Sexy, yet classy.

Leading up to this, I thought Kendall was crushing the modeling game.  I mean, she’s hot, she’s got legs for days, and endless money to get her on any runway in the world.  And then she goes and models a jacket she stole out of Paul Wall’s closet.

She took “go big or go home” to a new level with this ugly stunt.

Get your shit together, Kendall.



Featured Photo – Vogue Twitter

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October 27, 2018 12:02 pm

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