The Eagles Super Bowl Hangover….Relax, Birds Nation.

Holy hangover, Batman. The Eagles are currently 3-4 this season and after being last year’s Super Bowl Champs, the fans I’m sure are wondering, what the hell is going on? 

Well, here’s what I think because you can call out a few different things:

-Big plays are one problem. The offense was the 15th best at generating them last season. This year, they are currently 19th. 

-Not to mention, the defense was the fourth best at preventing big plays last season and now they’re currently 27th this year. WHAT IS HAPPENING??? (Relax guys, don’t panic).

-Injuries. Need I say more? This always throws off the flow of the game on any team, but they’re working on it.

-Fix the 4th down. The Eagles defense has allowed five of eight fourth-down conversions this season after allowing just four of 18 last year. You do the math.

-Obviously the return of Carson Wentz was much anticipated and of course as fans, we want to go into this with all the confidence in the world that he’ll completely bounce back at 150%. This of course is not ever the case after such a serious injury. Carson is doing well but he still hasn’t gotten his mojo back completely. He also hasn’t had the same team on the field with him all season because of injuries. It’s ok. I’m confident in Carson and believe he will eventually get there, but this definitely plays a huge roll in the teams dynamic so far this season and I think in this case, patience is key. 

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Here’s a fact I think all panicking Eagles fans are overlooking: all 4 Eagles’ losses this season have been within 1 score. So they aren’t getting demolished or destroyed they just aren’t playing the 4th quarter. The good news is, the above problems I listed are all fixable and over time can be corrected.

What I’m trying to say is:


Right now, do you know who leads the NFC East division??? The freaking Redskins. Ha, we all know that won’t last. Also, The front office is doing some work right now with some trade rumors — they offered a second-round pick for Amari Cooper and are currently said to be in the running for Cardinal cornerback Patrick Peterson, which would be awesome for the Eagles. There is plenty of time to reclaim the NFC East. 

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Hangovers can be a total bitch, but they eventually go away, and when they do, you feel like this:

Grab some Pedialite, make yourself some “stick to your ribs” food and relax until the hangover subsides.  We got this, Eagles Nation. 


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