Super Bowl Hangover’s Aren’t Real, The Eagles Are Just Playing Bad

Some people on this site would have you believe the Eagles are having a Superbowl hangover. That’s simply not true and I could not sit here and allow that to be said without a rebuttal. The Eagles are NOT having a Superbowl hangover. They are NOT losing because they win a Superbowl last year. None of this is true and I won’t hear any of it!

The Eagles are simply playing bad and being coached poorly. These are both facts that have nothing to do with the end result of last season. The facts are the offense is playing abysmal and because they aren’t putting up 30ppg like they did a year ago the defense looks like it has gotten worse. They have in fact played worse with only 6 turnovers in 7 games but the defensive struggles aren’t new. People seem to forget that in the Superbowl Tom Brady threw for 505 yards and couldn’t be stopped. The defense giving up big plays isn’t a new issue. The issue is they’re giving up big plays in big moments when the offense is scoring 17 points or 21 points and not much more. None of which has anything to do with a “hangover”

When things like this happen people look for a scape goat and look for reasons why. “Carson isn’t clutch” “Super Bowl hangover” listen Carson is playing great he had three awful plays to end the game, that doesn’t define his “clutchness” despite the win/loss column he’s actually better than he was last year. We will know his “clutchness” soon but we don’t right now. MJ always said, people thought he hit every big shot he took but he didn’t he missed more than he took, but he always took them. Carson has plenty of time to define his legacy so let’s relax on that narrative. Superbowl hangover is another ridiculous scape goat. It isn’t real they don’t exist, it has nothing to do with what’s going on it has everything to do with losing your OC your QB coach and your most important players being hurt during camp. Get that narrative the FUCK out of my face.

The Eagles are not playing well, it’s not because they won a Superbowl things will be fine. Stop with the excuses and just accept the fact we’re now in a dog fight for the division and we will win that fight. Let’s go to London and beat the Jags and get this thing started.

God Bless

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