Second Edition Of The BSB Power Rankings

It’s that time, Branded Sports Blogger Power Rankings. Last time we did this I thought the entire company was going to go down in flames. So let’s do it again! New this edition we’re going old school MySpace Top 8 style. Need a little refresher on the last one, click here.

Also new this week, I went big click heavy on these rankings. At the end of the day clicks are how I determine who I like and who I don’t like. I’m a simple man. Eat, sleep, make it rain clicks, repeat. Once again I took myself off the list because that wouldn’t be fair to the bloggers. They work way too hard to see my face at the top of the list week in and week out. So really they are playing for second place.

Make sure to follow us on twitter where I’m sure they are going to be ripping each other apart.


   kmess KMess: The man has been the king of the clicks since the last Power Rankings. Was it my motivation that got him there? Most likely. I am literally the greatest boss this company has ever seen. Also yesterday’s HCM was insanely funny. Man deserved the top spot
2 ru Ru: He didn’t move. Locked in at that number 2 spot. He didn’t have the most clicks but he also had a baby and still put up huge numbers. That is just what Ru does, gets clicks, even if it’s just his old blogs. Very impressive
3 dubs Dubs: Our first drop in the standings. Dubs got out clicked and that’s the reason for the drop BUUUUUUUTTT he has been creating insane shirts. If you haven’t seen the Goggle SZN shirt yet….holy shit. It honestly is the greatest shirt I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Also, buy some shirts
4 eric.JPG Eric: The man is on the big board! Considered the biggest snub of the last rankings by many. Speaking of shirts, Eric came up with the Savior shirt and it’s the most sold shirt so far. #1 way to my heart, clicks. #1a sling merch.
5 murt Murt: We had readers jockeying for Murt to be #1 this week. She did get BWest to retweet and mentioned Branded more than once. Huge. Unfortunately, if someone tells me to do something I do the opposite. Murt’s fault? No. Fair? Definitely not. But here we are.


 jay Jay: Right outside the top 5 this week we got Jay’s first appearance. This one is more because he helped lock up a big time deal for Branded. There will be a big press conference coming real soon.


ali Ali: Down to 7 and her Lakers are never going to win a game this year. LeBron has the worst winning % in Lakers history. It’s time to ask, is he the worst Laker of all time. If the Red Sox win the World Series (they are going to in 5), she might light something on fire.
8 cmike College Mike: The quick college football assassin. Under the radar content producer. When we make it big I’m going to send College Mike to the CFB Playoffs to cover the games. But he will have to wear a tux the entire time. No showering and no sleeping. I want Zombie Mike

There you have it, Top 8. Now let’s watch the chaos ensue.

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