Most Underrated Sports Movies of All Time

It wouldn’t be a week without a Kmess power ranking right?

We had done Fictional Sports Teams, Fictional Sports Coaches and more.

Today, the 10 most underrated sports movies ever made.

10. Varsity Blues

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When people think of Varsity Blues they immediately think of the whipped cream bikini and “Puke and Rally!” But there is so much more to that movie. A crazy coach, a great team and some really good football scenes. It’s one of those movies that if it’s on TV… I will watch.

9. The Legend of Bagger Vance

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I mean I think this is also one of Will Smith’s most underrated performances. He hasn’t had a good one lately… But this one is great. Who doesn’t love a great comeback story, right? Add in Matt Damon and boom!

8. We Are Marshall

Image – Herald-Dispatch

A true story, and an absolutely awful but uplifting one at that. In 1970 almost the entire Marshall Football Family was lost in a plane crash. The movie shows Matthew McConaughey as head coach Jack Lengyel build the program back up from the ashes.

7. 61*

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An HBO and Billy Crystal production. I may be a bit biased as a Yankee fan but it really is a good movie. The story of 1961 and the home run chase between Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. The way the movie is filmed makes me want to live in that time. Oh… And Barry Pepper looks EXACTLY like Roger Maris!

6. Tin Cup

Image – Golf Digest

Again I say… Who doesn’t love a good comeback story… Add a love story, sprinkled with comedy and based around golf… We’ve got a winner. Kevin Costner is hilarious as Roy McVory who has all the golf talent each of us wish we could have but has a bit of a commitment problem. Oh and Cheech is his caddie…

5. Rocky IV

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This is on the list because I don’t believe it gets enough love in the Rocky franchise. Everyone loves the first Rocky, because of course. But I still say Rocky IV is the best. Rocky III stinks and Rocky V isn’t even a real movie. IV has Apollo die, the greatest training scenes ever and the best music in any movie all time. “If I can change. And you can change. We can all change!” Rocky won the Cold War himself.

4. Miracle

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This could be the best true sports story of All-Time. “Do you believe in Miracles… YES!” Kurt Russel as Herb Brooks is just perfect. The speech is one of the best ever and the hockey scenes are amazing. If this movie doesn’t give you chills go to the doctor. Extremely underrated.

3. White Men Can’t Jump

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Another movie that if it’s on TV on a Sunday morning… My Sunday morning is shot. Sidney Dean and Billy Hoyle are the most dysfunctional but best “team” in sports history. Billy himself is the most underrated basketball player to ever touch the court, and no one can run their mouth like Sidney Dean. This should be on every top 10 sports movie lists ever.

2. Mr. Baseball

Image – Decider

The movie came out in 1992 and I bet you haven’t even seen it. Do yourself a favor and find a rainy day. About a washed up NYY played by Tom Selleck who goes and plays baseball in Japan, doesn’t get along with the manger but starts dating his daughter. Amazing baseball scenes and a ton of laughs.

1. For Love of the Game

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Ok, I cry every time. This movie does something to me. It’s literally the only time I ever root against the Yankees. It’s about long time Tigers ace Billy Chapel, played by Kevin Costner. The movie is based around his last game and he’s pitching a perfect game in Yankee Stadium. It takes you through his whole career in flashbacks. And it’s a love story so your lady will like it too. It’s a long one, but a great one. “Clear the mechanism.”

That’s the list. You don’t agree or think another movie should be on? Well… My bad.

Go enjoy all of these great underrated sports movies!

-Kmess “That Guy”

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