Let’s Talk About Zach Lavine

In case you haven’t noticed, Zach Lavine is turning into a goddamn star.

The dude took control of last night’s game against the Hornets, dropping 32 points, grabbing 4 rebounds and adding 5 assists en route to a Bulls W.

Oh, and he’s averaging 32 points a game so far this year. This man doesn’t care whether the Bulls should tank again this season or not, he’s just focused on dropping straight fire.

Another amazing stat about his hot start? He’s the only player besides MICHAEL FUCKING JORDAN to start a season with four straight 30-point games. Damn.

Is he the next Bulls GOAT? Maybe. I don’t really know. But sign me up.

Jordan Shoulder Shrug.jpg
Image: For The Win

I know it’s only 4 games and I know I’m being dramatic, but I love knowing the Bulls will have this badass on the court in their future.

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Featured Image: 670 The Score

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