I Might Have A Huge Secret About WWE That Will Shock You To Your Core And Make Your Stomach Churn And Even Throw Up

Previously on the WWE being a scumbag company.  I talked about their wrestlers having no self-awareness.  I asked Luke Harper what his thoughts were and he had no response at the time…


I’m still unsure what was “desperation” on my part but I assumed Luke wanted to talk.  I was just curious what he used his Saudi Arabia money on.  You know the Saudi Arabia event WWE did where woman were not allowed to participate.  The event where when women were shown on the screen the government issued an apology.  Yes, that event, I guess he had to run and couldn’t answer.  Anyway color me shocked the WWE is headed back to Saudi Arabia.

Big shock to the world but WWE is going back to Saudi Arabia on November 2nd for another PPV.  Despite the fact that a Washington Post journalist was literally assassinated and dismembered while his fiancé waited for him outside of the consulate.

The story is they were getting married and he needed paper work the reason for that I am a little fuzzy on and not going to look up because, Vince McMahon and the WWE won’t look up from their bank accounts to see what is going on in the outside world.  The story goes he told his fiancé, if he doesn’t come back here are people to call to let them know I am dead.  Now I am not going to get political this is not what I am about and I don’t care enough to look up the correct info.  What I do know is the WWE should be ashamed and the American people should be ashamed to have a company like this in our nation.

The American people should protest the WWE the same way they “protest” the NFL.  The WWE is a shameful disgusting grotesque company!  These people should be ashamed!! It’s a new scandal every generation.  Some people think Stone Cold and The Rock retired because they were ready to move on, I don’t think so.  I would bet they had enough of the sexism and alleged racism in WWE.  I think Stone Cold Steve Austin was the moral compass of WWE and when he left the morals left with him.

It’s disappointing that my son has to grow up in a world where WWE still exists.  I hope he is ok with that and can shield himself from the terrible programming and disgusting acts of greed and sexism.  It’s so bad that John Cena and Daniel Bryan two of the biggest stars in the company refuse to go compete in the show.  That’s embarrassing for WWE.  For shame WWE! FOR SHAME!  For now on I’m taking a knee on WWE #TakeAKneeOnWWE

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