Last Night The Sixers Continued The Heartbreaking String Of Losing In 2018 Philadelphia Sports Since The Superbowl

Tonight the 76ers gave away a game to the Pistons and a 50 point game from Blake Griffin.  They just about had the game in the bag during overtime when JJ Redick hit a go ahead 3 with 5.1 seconds left on the clock.  This capped off a 6 point comeback with just over 2 minutes left giving the Sixers a 132-130 lead.  With 5.1 seconds on the clock the game was all but over.  The Sixers had all the momentum and the game should have at WORST gone into a second overtime.  Enter stage right Amir Johnson and Robert Covington.  Blake Griffin had the ball with 5.1 seconds on the clock and for some reason that God is still trying to figure out Amir Johnson rolled away from him to give him a wide open lane to the hoop.  As bad as that was Covington who attempted to make a play on the ball didn’t do too much to alter the shot except rake his arm across Blake once the ball was away giving Blake not only an easy 2 but a chance at a go ahead free throw with 1.2 seconds left.  Blake hit the shot, JoJo had a chance to hit a game winner but came up short.  This of course isn’t all on Roco or even Amir.  Dario gave up 50 points to Blake, Embiid couldn’t hit a shot to save his life in the fourth and Bret Brown coached as well as Jim Schwartz in the 4th quarter.  This just continues a long line of bad loses for Philly teams since the Superbowl.

Let’s take a look back at things that have happened since the amazing run in Philly sports from February to the end of March.

Flyers: Dominated and embraced by Pittsburg in the 1st round of the playoffs and have played as well as dog shit this season

Phillies: Fucked their own face

Sixers: Dominated by Boston in 5 and once again dominated by Boston on opening night. Last night well, that is the reason for this blog

Eagles: Gave up multiple 75 yard TD’s to the Bucs leading to a bad loss.  Gave up three 4th downs in overtime to lose to the Titans.  Let Minnesota have a field day on Carson causing them to lose.  Gave up a 4th and 10 to the Panthers and lost after being up 17-0 in the 4th quarter.  With a chance to win inside the redzone, they took a page out of the Phillies playbook and fucked their own face.

In short it has been a rough start to 2018 since the Superbowl ended and I’m not sure it will get better.  I sure hope it does.  The Sixers have plenty of time to turn things around let’s keep things into perspective, Ben didn’t play and they are 4 games into an 82 game season.  The Eagles are in a bad division and I dunno, we’ll see?  I’ll tell you one thing September 2017 to March 2018 was a hell of a lot more fun then April 2018 to now.  I sure hope this isn’t the new norm.

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