Big Brain Cora Leads The Sox To a Game One Win

Game one is exactly what we all predicted. Sale and Kershaw were lined up for a pitcher’s duel of the ages in game one of the World Series. It had the makings of an October classic and that’s exactly what we got. But not in the way we expected.

The Red Sox did what they do best and dragged the Dodgers to the mud with them in a slugfest. They said ‘we don’t give a damn about what our guy is doing on the mound, we’re going to make your pitcher look worse, bitch.’ And they did just that.

The Sox were doing their thing and the bullpen came out like they have all postseason and stalled the offense for a bit. Despite that, a one run lead in the seventh didn’t exactly satisfy Cora, even if he did trust the pen.

So Cora reached back into the old big brain of his and summoned Nunez. I have to preface this with I am a big time Nunez hater. I won’t pretend I’m not. However, last night Cora taught me something about myself. Apparently no matter how much I may hate someone, there’s still a chance they could turn me on.

I went into shock. I was sitting at the bar one minute thinking ‘has Cora made his first big mistake?’ ‘I hope we’re not waking up to the media bashing Cora because they blew this chance to extend the lead.’

Then in a split second Nunez drops the ball right into the light tower well as Cora’s brain grew again. Following this team is becoming a euphoric experience. Just when you think this team may just not have it one night, BANG, someone steps up. It’s like clockwork and I’m addicted to it.

The Sox are now three wins away from immortality. The only way for me to feel more confident would have been seeing Price in the bullpen last night. The best part of this team is I can be so confident because I know they won’t overlook any games. They’re locked and I can trust they’ll do what they’ve done all season and find a way to win, no matter what. That trust is great because it allows Sox fans to really soak it all in. Enjoy the ride.

Now it’s time for Price to become a Red Sox legend. Let’s get it.

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Feature Image via The Boston Globe

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