Worst of the Worst NFL Coaches

There are some bad coaches in the NFL. Clock management, game management, situational offense, player evaluation… All awful and the list can go on and on.

It’s to the point where I would trust Michael Scott to lead these teams better than their current coaches.

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Not-Honorable Mention:

-Todd Bowels: I mean the Jets won their first game but have not been impressive since. He doesn’t seem like he always knows what’s going on and has a really weird voice.

-Dirk Koetter: There is only room for one famous Dirk in the sports world and he resides in Dallas.

-Sean McDermott: He willingly started Nathan Peterman multiple times. My friend Marv who played basketball in college could beat out Nathan Peterman.

5. Steve Wilks: (ARZ 1-6) It is his first year, yes. “Give him some time” they say. Well you signed Sam Bradford for 20 mill a year, your wasting the end of Larry Fitz and Patrick Peterson wants out and you just got STOMPED at home against the Broncos. He’s in over his head.

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4. Pat Shurmur: (NYG 1-6) Another first year head coach. He has handled himself well with somethings but… On MNF he goes for 2 to be with in 6 instead of 7 when your 1-5… And then defends it by saying “I like our 2 point conversion plays.” Come on man. Eli is done and so soon will you be in NY… Well actually in… NJ.

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3. Hue Jackson: (CLE 2-4-1) The Browns have been competitive. They have been in FOUR OT games. But now Hue said he’s gonna he more involved in the offense and no one wants that. A fist fight might break out on the sideline with him and Todd Haley.. Hate to see it. Should have started Baker from week one…

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2. Marvin Lewis: (CIN 4-3) Only coach on here with a winning record this year. But Marv has been in Cincy for about 47 years. Has never done a damn thing, not even won a playoff game. It’s time for the divorce of Marv and the Red Rifle. Let AJ Green play and coach, that dude is filthy.

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1. Jason “Clappy” Garrett: (DAL 3-4) As a Cowboys fan I AM DONE. He doesn’t go for it when he should and goes for it when he shouldn’t. He gets conservative and coaches scared. He is wasting the rookie contracts of Dak and Zeke. All he says is “we fight, we claw, we scratch” How about… We had a good game plan and executed it?? Jerry cut the strings and kill the puppet!!

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That’s the worst of the worst. The poor poor fans of these teams… Including me.


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-Kevin “That Guy”

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Mikey P.
Mikey P.
October 23, 2018 10:24 am

no way Garett is the worst jeff Fisher and Hue Jackson are above him. Dallas can win a ring with Garett just need a new quarterback

October 23, 2018 10:25 am
Reply to  Mikey P.

Jeff Fisher isn’t a current coach… lol

October 23, 2018 10:26 am

And win a ring with Garrett… Go home your not drunk your hammered

October 27, 2018 12:02 pm

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