The Red Sox Are Four Wins From Immortality

After what felt like a century since the ALCS, the Dodgers are flying East to colder weather and hotter bats in Boston. Game one is going to be very telling for both teams. Aces Kershaw and Sale are facing off on the bump and a well rested Sox lineup has either gone cold or will come out pouncing again.

If you know this Red Sox team, you know there’s no subtlety with them. They score in bunches and when it comes to Kershaw in the playoffs, that could happen quickly if the Sox are ready.

The Dodgers, on the other hand, are a formidable opponent. Nothing compared to what the Sox have already since this postseason, but they’re nice. Cali boys don’t do cold weather though, and I woke up with icicles on sack this morning so we know it’s going to be frigid Tuesday night.

You’ve heard all the matchups, you’ve seen these teams play north of 170 games games at this point. We all know what they are. Now it’s time for the show. No more waiting. No more wondering about the bullpen, no more worrying about the other team. This is the Red Sox series to lose. I don’t care what spin you put on it, the Boston is the better team here. Anything short of the trophy is a massive dissapointment.

I’m ready. The problem is I know you’re not. That’s okay though, I’ve solved your problem.

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