Great News: Sony Michel Looks To Have Avoided The Dreaded Re-ACL

The Patriots may have eeked out a close but important win against the Chicago Bears yesterday, but it came with a price. Typically it happens as soon as I enjoy watching a player they immediately become injured or arrested. Last year I mentioned that Dion Lewis was my favorite Patriot to watch since Wes Welker and he immediately gets a huge contract from Tennessee. This year, Sony Michel was starting to come on as my ‘favorite player to watch’ and thats what made yesterday so bittersweet.

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The Patriots are notorious for being very quiet about any injury news, so when this tweet came through I almost came.

I know this isn’t the best news for someone with the knee injury past that Michel has, but I can’t help but feel giddy knowing that Michel may be available when it comes time for that playoff run. Watching him find the holes that Dante Scarnecchi drew up and patiently running for 15 yards has been magical. The minute he fumbled that ball I saw flashes of Stevan Ridley fumbled after being knocked braindead and I feared for the worst.

During the game the Twitter doctors were all analyzing every angle and had us convinced it wasn’t that serious since Sony didn’t plant his foot. But any time a player can’t walk off under his own power and the cart is brought out, it ain’t good. As someone with a knee history, my only thought is that maybe Sony just felt something similar and freaked out. I can remember the same happening to Gronk recently where he also avoided serious injury (shocking).

We’re gonna need you in January, Sony!! Get better soon! Kenjon Barner, it’s time do your job.



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