Clap on… CLAP OFF!

Man… it’s hard never being wrong, but forget about what I said last week.

They did it again. He did it again. Dr. Clappy Garrett blew a winnable game for the Dallas Cowboys.

This team is completely Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from playing at home compared to on the road. They are 3-4, 3-0 at home, 0-4 on the road.

The season has literally been a seesaw. Lose, win, lose, win, lose, win, lose. They have yet to put together a winning streak because… Well they haven’t had two games in a row at AT&T Stadium.

Yesterday… The Eagles lost a game that they had already won. It was a beautiful disaster to watch. The Cowboys knew this as they kicked off in Washington. And apparently they didn’t care.

Image – Twitter Redskins

They really were lackluster all game. Zeke couldn’t get anything going, he had the worst first half of his career. Dak was, well Dak… But it wasn’t all his fault. And the defense was making old man AP look like he was 23 years old again.

Image – Twitter Redskins

The Cowboys were down 0-7 with one minute left in the first half. Finally they went deep and Dak hit rookie Michael Gallup for his first career touchdown. A 49 yard strike to tie the game.

To start the second half the Skins went right down the field, but the Cowboys D held strong in the red zone which they continue to do all a season long. They forced a field goal to go down 7-10.

Both defenses shut down the offenses the rest of the 3rd and most of the 4th, they exchanged field goals to make it 13-10 Skins.

Then with about 5 min left Dak hit Beasley for a beautiful 18 yard strike on 3rd down to move the chains… NOPE. Holding on Conor Williams, bring it back.

(The Cowboys had FOUR penalties to call back first downs.)

Next play I guess Dak forgot where he was and didn’t know to get rid of the damn ball. He fumbled on the goal line for a walk in Redskins defensive touchdown, 20-10 Skins.

But then like always, every time I thought I was out.. THEY PULL ME BACK IN. The boys went down the field and Dak ran in on a one yard TD run with 1:37 left to pull with in 3, 20-17 Skins.

The Cowboys had all 3 timeouts. They stopped them on first and second down and called timeouts. Then on third down Alex Smith gifted the Cowboys time with going out of bounds, and preserving their final timeout.

The Cowboys then had the ball on the Redskins 37 yard line. With 52 seconds left and 1 timeout. The Redskins corner left the game and they were down to basically me playing DB…

What do they do?

They run TWO plays. TWO. A 6 yard pass and a 3 yard run, and played for overtime. GO FOR THE WIN. At least take a damn shot to the end zone. Maybe a PI call.. I don’t know??

Nope. Mr. 8-8. Mr. Middle of the pack. Mr. “We Fight.” Mr. Clappy Garrett does the bitch thing again plays conservative and for the FG.

A 47 yarder. That was turned into a 52 yarder because of a “snap infraction” penalty. A field goal that hit the upright and lost the game.

Image – Twitter dallascowboys

You know what… Good. I’m glad. Because that is what you get for coaching like that in a game winning situation. I am so done with Jason Garrett it’s not even funny. He needs to go.


Now. It’s the Cowboys bye week. What better time? Rip the bandaid off. Yes the Eagles stink, yes they Cowboys are still “in it” and can win the division at 9-7 or 8-8 but they are not going anywhere.

Jerry… Be the man that you are and tell your puppet the show is over, hit the bricks and to take Mr. Creativity Scott Linehan with him.

I continue to watch teams like the Chiefs sling it around and play fun football and our QB has a good game when he throws for 200 yards!! It’s 2018 this isn’t the 1960’s anymore…


The offense stinks. Jason Garrett stinks. They are wasting the #2 scoring defensive in the league right now and it’s embarrassing.

Give me a Top 5 pick. Lincoln Riley and an offense that can be explosive next year.


-Kevin “That Angry Guy”

Feature Image – dallascowboys

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October 23, 2018 2:30 am

About that Top 5 pick…

October 23, 2018 8:08 am
Reply to  RP

Haha yup wrote it before the trade