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The Weekend Rundown

Here is the Branded weekend rundown of the top 10 most popular articles from the week. If you missed any, what time is better than now! If you saw them already, you know they are good enough to read again.

Jason Cabinda about to take the NFL by Storm!

Manny Machado big scumbag… And I’m all in!

Freddie Mitchell from the clouds wants to bang this Teacher

Happy 3 Year Eagles HOF Brian Westbrook

Pray for Khalil Mack’s Ankle

You can crown Goff, Baker and Mahomes if you want… Wentz didn’t hear no bell!

New England beer throwers should be thrown in jail

B.B. Talked Smack on The Mack

Tinder Bumble Chronicles

Delco Thrones

Have you Followed our Follow Friday Feature Page this week? DO IT..

Follow Friday: Jessica Kleinschmidt

Hope you enjoyed the Weekend Rundown. Get ready for a ton more great content next week.

Until then…

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