College Football Week 8

Last Week: 2-1 Bounced back nicely last week. Again, those LSU Tigers did me dirty…again.

2018 College Football Season: 25-10

#6 Michigan (-7) at #24 Michigan State

Wanna trigger a Michigan fan?

Amazing, isn’t it? I can’t imagine what Michigan fans felt after that game. It hurts me just thinking about it. Luckily for Michigan, history won’t repeat itself. They finally have a solid quarterback in Shea Patterson and are playing very well since starting the season with a L. Michigan State is overrated, and I’m just saying that because what happened last week. They don’t have the big playmakers, and they’re a scrappy team that finds a lucky win once and awhile.

Michigan over Michigan State

#20 Cincinnati at Temple (-3.5)  Lincoln Financial Field

Yup, you read that correctly. Temple is a 3.5 favor against undefeated and ranked Cincinnati. Something isn’t right here. Let’s take a look at Cincinnati’s record.


Really no big wins against any teams that are relative (UCLA sucks, so don’t try me). A lot of scoring the last four games, defense is so-so. Close one against Ohio, but they surprise you.  I’m not finding much to tell me why Temple is the favor. So i’m not buying into this line.

Cincinnati over Temple

Other games of note

#16 NC State at #2 Clemson (-17.5)

With some more practice under Lawerence’s belt, I think Clemson will shake off the new QB rust. Death Valley will be rocking Homecoming Weekend.

Clemson over NC State

#22 Mississippi State at #5 LSU (-6.5)

Don’t screw me over again Tigers, I’m tired of losing money on you! They’ll win because of their uniforms, I’m convinced.

LSU over Mississippi State

#12 Oregon at #25 Washington State 

If your not watching College GameDay, then your missing out. Easily the best GameDay crowd I’ve seen, and that includes the Fargo trip. Washington State is going to be pumped for this, plus the Ducks looked rough last week, but they found a way to win.

Washington State over Oregon


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