Tinder Bumble Chronicles

We’re giving you the best/funniest profiles, chats, pick up lines and more from Tinder and Bumble. Have a good weekend people.

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Ella you’re not alone. We’ve all said you too to happy birthday or I love you to a random lady from Comcast.


This is how it’s done. Right when she thinks you are just another corny guy you go Pythons on her. Well done.


Piece of advice, if someone asks you a question and you have to respond with, what’s (whatever they said)? It ends with deez nuts.

Joe is out here making the best of a tough situation. Got crushed now it’s time to crush. Put that on a shirt.

Hard pass

Spoiler alert, Caroline isn’t the girl in the picture. Caroline is a lying 55 year old though.

That’s a lot of racism for a 20 year old.

This must be the female version of “the gun show.”

Whatever works

Ummmmmmmmm…………good luck


A 19 year old saying taking it in the ass is the most aggressive thing you’ll see all day. 

To each their own

Under no circumstance should you date this girl. She is a certified crazy person.


Yeah you’re not cheating at all. Totally.


Grammar game on -100


Have a great weekend

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