This Video of The Warriors Listening To The Beat Drop In “Sicko Mode” Turn To “Careless Whisper” Has Made Me Like The Warriors Again

I don’t want to promote traffic to ESPN, but this was pretty fucking funny. Just as I was just about to be done with the Warriors, this video of their reactions to “Careless Whisper” dropping in the middle of “Sicko Mode” comes out.

I really can’t decide whose reaction is the best, we got all ranges of emotion here. You’ve got Boogie just with the casual “nah, this ain’t it”. Draymond with that grin like he just got away with another kick to the dick. KD with the most KD reaction, taking it way too seriously with his rap moves at first and then hands on hip rolling his eyes when he realized he got duped. Klay with NO IDEA what’s going on or what song this is but the rick rolled comment was the best part in the video. And then fucking Steph, it’s so hard to hate him. Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise.

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