The Branded Hour. Green Knoll Grill.

Welcome to another Friday edition of… The Branded Hour. Where we are in search of “The Perfect 30” We are doing some very hard research to give you the top notch grades of the best Happy Hour’s around. (Remember if there’s one thing here at Branded Sports that we know besides sports, it’s Bars.)

Last week Bokampers, Ft. Lauderdale received a 29.7 out of 30.

This week’s spotlight review is:

Name: Green Knoll Grille

Location: Bridgewater, NJ


Phone: 908-526-7090

Twitter: @green_knoll

Facebook: Green Knoll Grill


MONDAY 11:30AM – 2AM




FRIDAY 11:30AM – 2AM


SUNDAY 11:30AM – 2AM

Growing up in Flemington, NJ I have been to Green Knoll a ton. Whether it was for lunch, happy hour, dinner or a night out the place never let me down.

During the nice time of year they have a massive outdoor patio. Tables, a bar, live music.. You name it they got it.

Green KnollStaying local tonight but still in the mood for some good times, good food and great friends? Head on over to GKG. Home of Great Music or the Big Game Sporting Event there is always something cookin’ at GKG!”

Image – Scotty Hawk

That statement on their website couldn’t be more true. You can have a great time for any occasion. Want an after work happy hour? BOOM. Casual dinner date.. Perfect. Sunday Football? YUP!

Image – pintaram

The place is literally… Number one.

Green KnollGreen Knoll Grill is NJ’s #1 Top Party Hot Spot and Entertainment destination! With Over 250 + Seats on its outdoor patio and 2 Tiki Bars GKG, has Live Entertainment, Hot Events and indoor and outdoor dining. There’s always something going on at GKG. with its weekly promos and best Happy Hour, customers enjoy the friendly atmosphere and excellent service. live outdoor entertainment on our patio Thursdays and Fridays!”

You can eat there on a Tuesday and then party there on Saturday night. I mean… It’s simply a no brainer.

GRADES (All out of 30)

Alcohol: Green Knoll has a ton of beers on tap and they are always ice cold. Specialty drinks are off the hook and their prices are just right. Party at their inside bar or enjoy a beautiful Friday afternoon Happy Hour at the outside bar. Score: 9.4

Food: Like I said earlier, they’ve got it all. Salads are great and. burgers are bangin. For apps I highly suggest their wings, cheesesteak egg rolls, seared ahi tuna and meatball parm sliders! Score: 9.6

Atmosphere: I think you got the hint… The Atmosphere is fantastic. Especially when you can take advantage of the nice weather at the patio. Enjoy some fun live music, watch a UFC fight and then dance it up with the DJ! Score: 9.8

Overall Score: 28.8 out of 30. Awesome!

If you are in NJ it’s a must. There is no doubt that what ever the occasion… Green Knoll Grill has what you are looking for, and more!

They have a huge parking lot and Uber/Lyft is available in the area. Be smart!

Drink responsibly #ForTheBrand

Let us know when you try one of our featured Happy Hours, give us your own score!

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-Kevin “That Guy”

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