Football Friday. Tailgate Games

It’s another Football Friday… Oh hell yeah! This week I am taking a bit of a different approach to this weekly spot.

Sometimes I do a feature on a player, sometimes a team or sometimes a football show.

But this week… I am talking tailgating. Something we all love to do. Whether it’s for a concert, college ball, NFL or hell even high school games. (Sometimes we don’t even want to go into the game.)

I am going to give you my Top 10 tailgating games.

Top 10 Tailgating Games.

10. Spikeball

Image – Spikeball

Now don’t get me wrong I love Spikeball. If it was a beach games list it would EASILY be number one. We have massive tournaments on Long Beach Island. But, the fun of the game is diving around on the sand… Not so fun to dive for the ball on pavement. (And hard to play drink in hand.)

9. Washers

Image – shopipg

Washers is more of a “low key” tailgating game. A one on one game. You can play standing up or if you’re already drunk… Can play sitting down. Also very easy to play drink in hand and add chugging elements.

8. Ladder Ball

Image – Wikipedia

A partner game that can be a blast. Not my all time favorite game… I am not going to go out of my way to play but if it’s there and people want to play… I’m in. Also again… Beer in hand is a go!

7. Dizzy Bat

Image – Tailgating Ideas

I loved Dizzy Bat in my younger days. In college we used to crush it. But… I do feel it is a young man’s game. Am I scared? Hell no. Just sayin… If you don’t want there to be a chance you fall down and puke stay away. If you wanna get really drunk… Fill that bat with beer, chug it down and… Spin away!

6. Flip Cup

Image – gumballopinion

A game that is perfect for the end of the tailgate. When people are drunk already and you are trying to get maximum drinkage in before you head into the game. Chicks usually dominate flip cup for some reason. Always gets everybody going!

5. Football

Image – The Wichitan

I mean can you go wrong with throwing an old fashion football around? Nope. Add a couple of other people and get a game of 3 on 3 going and you’ve got something happening! Make sure you get that arm good and warmed up.

4. Poleish Horse-shoes

Image – Pinterest

Not everyone may know poleish Horse-shoes, however it’s a blast. It takes a frisbee and beee in hand. Knock the fake beer bottle off the ski pole… Make the other guy drink. I mean, it’s easy, it’s fun, it can get ya drunk.

3. Beer Pong

My wife dominates ^

Yup the All-American Beer Pong. Anyone can play and everyone loves it. It’s competitive as hell and feels great when you hit a hot streak. It’s hard to put it at 3 but the top 3 can really be interchangeable. Pick a teammate and get those balls flyin.

2. KanJam

I freaking love KanJam. Again could easily be NUMBAH ONE but I have to make the tough decisions, that’s why they pay me the big bucks. Find you a teammate that can throw a frisbee and move fast with a beer in hand! Don’t go over 21…

1. Cornhole

Please don’t call it “bag-o” it’s cornhole. It’s perfect for any time of the tailgate. Start the tailgate off sipping on a beer and getting the juices flowing. Half way in.. You are a little bored, Cornhole will change that quick. Grab a beer and find your groove!

That’s the list. Don’t @ me.

Now get out there this weekend and play some damn games and have some damn fun. Enjoy them at your tailgate or hell even at your homegate before watching the games on your couch!

-Kevin “That Guy”

Go get your tailgate on!

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