Follow Friday: Jessica Kleinschmidt

Friday is back. Does anyone think Friday isn’t the best day of the week? I can understand why some people might say Saturday or Sunday, but there is just something about Friday. It’s like the Christmas Eve of the week. You’re super excited for what’s coming your way and unlike Christmas day, you’re not hungover hanging around people you pretend to like. Friday >>>>>>>>>>>> don’t @ me.

Anyway, this Follow Friday we are highlighting the one and only, Jessica Kleinschmidt. This is the most must-follow follow Friday we’ve ever done. She is hilarious and when it comes to the beautiful sport of baseball, she knows her shit. You can and SHOULD find her with Cut4 and NBC Sports Bay Area creating good old fashioned content. Do I (CEO Joe) want to hire her? The answer is a strong yes. Can I afford her? An even stronger no.

I don’t like to double down on the Follow Friday but you should probably go follow Cut4 as well. They are basically but fun.

Back to Jess. We’re still in the AL and NLCS so now is the time to hop on twitter and give her a follow. You throw on your favorite sweatpants, turn on the games, you open your phone and refresh her twitter page. That is what your to do list should look like during the MLB playoffs. You don’t want to miss some gems like these.

Also can we just talk about this for a second? Being a female on social media has to be the most frustrating thing in the world. You literally can’t do anything with out some creepy dude trying to hit on you or getting a handful of unsolicited dick pics. Seems like cruel and unusual punishment. Looks exhausting.

So go follow Jess @KleinschmidtJD but then don’t send her dick pics.

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October 20, 2018 12:01 pm

[…] Follow Friday: Jessica Kleinschmidt […]