David Price Helps Send the Red Sox to the World Series With an All-Time Performance

Who would’ve thunk it? Not only did the Red Sox objectively handle the Astros in the ALCS, but that final victory came at the tingly fingertips of David Price. That’s when you know Boston is hot as Hell. When Price drops his best playoff pitching performance of his life to send the Sox to the World Series.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that the Sox are moving on to the World Series or that fact that Price was the one to help send us there that has me in a euphoric high right now. Regardless, I’m not coming down from it until Boston sports come back to earth, which hopefully won’t be anytime soon.

Over the past two series, and even going back a couple of playoff runs now, the Red Sox have had a plethora of demons to sort out. These playoffs, and this clinching game Thursday night in particular, was the time for the Sox to exercise each and every demon and put it to bed before playing whatever team the NL produces.

First, there was the aforementioned Price, who not only exercised his demons in the playoffs, but also out-dueled a playoff savant in Verlander. Price was nails and I’m still in shock that what I’m saying is true.

Of course none of it was possible without the lineup catching fire, which has pretty much been the case since the spanking they gave the Yankees in the Bronx last series. What’s great is if you know this Red Sox team, you know there is no cooling down. When they’re hot, they can’t help but stay locked in. It’s what’s made them great all along.

The final exorcism of the Red Sox came from the beard of Craig Kimbrel. That luscious mane on his face hasn’t produced a good outing all playoffs…Until last night of course. Following a the first 6-out save of his career in game four, in which he nearly blew the lead on several occasions, Kimbrel came out, probably tired and sore, and shut the door on the Astros season. Even better, he did so in a comfortable fashion for once.

It keeps getting better. After the game, Kimbrel said the words every Red Sox fan have wanted to hear.

An apology goes a long way in my book. If we continue to see the Kimbrel we saw last night all will be forgiven. I will happily put the Cardiac Kimbrel tweets to rest and enjoy 9th innings from here on out. Thank you Kimbrel.

I will say this until the day I die. This Red Sox team is special. Not just the really good type of special, but the special that can last for some time here. We’re looking at a farm system gone right as every young player on this team, and there’s a lot of them, played some pivotal role in winning this ALCS. The future is here and it’s not going anywhere.

One focal point of what makes it all work is Alex Cora. I can’t say enough about #MyManager. I spent the majority of Farrell’s tenure with the Sox clamoring for his head on a spike. He made inexcusable decisions and lost the locker room long before his actual departure. Farrell was one of the big reasons why it wasn’t working past playoff series.

Not Alex Cora though. And on his 43rd birthday the night of game five, he cemented himself in Sox lure and as the future head of this potential dynasty. He pushed all the right buttons with Price and Kimbrel to get them right and instill trust in them. His confidence never wavered and it was a testament to him and this team. Happy Birthday Cora, you deserved the celebration.

I love this team, I love Boston and I love rings. Now it’s time for the Sox to go out and get one more. Bring on the NL, they suck anyway.

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Feature Image via Boston.com

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