Top hilarious NFL Memes (so far) in the season.

Well here we are going into week 7 of the NFL Season…which I literally cannot believe. Where has the time gone? Seriously I can’t believe I’m back to wearing a jacket again. This is bullshit.

Anyway, let’s be honest, one of the best things about football season are all of the hilarious memes that come out every damn week when a team does terrible, a player gets arrested or makes some insane move that the media is like “ummm wait what??” Obviously these hilarious memes help soften the blow when your team plays like garbage or if you’re just having a crappy day and need a good laugh.

Well , it’s you’re lucky day (and it just so happens to be “Throwback Thursday”) because I have compiled all of the most hilarious NFL memes so far in the 2018 season…. so here we go:

1. When Vontae Davis just straight up retired during the game. Forest Gump meme had me rolling.

2. The whole world agrees the NFL is now the “No Fun League.”

3. I’m a diehard Eagles fan and this still made me laugh.

4. This.

5. So. Damn. Accurate.

6. Because this never gets old.

7. The Vontae Davis memes are probably the best ones thus far in the 2018 season.

8. The NFL just needs to accept that Josh Gordon is never going to stop smoking blunts. Ever.

9. Pic on right is Lynch in High School and I never laughed so hard.

10. Heard they’re actually engaged now.

11. When Cleveland Brown fans had a parade because they tied and finally broke their losing streak.

12. Apparently Bobby Boucher is playing for the Bears now.

Hope you’re laughing and enjoying this midweek giggle sesh. I’ll be sure to update the list as the season continues! Happy Throwback Thursday!

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