The Crow is Back Baby

Praise fucking be, Hawks fans. Corey Crawford is set to return to the Blackhawks net tonight against the Arizona Coyotes.

I, like many Hawks fans, have been in Corey Crawford-withdrawals since he went out last December with a concussion.

Live shot of Hawks fans in Crawford withdrawals the past 9 months

It was a learning lesson to fans and the NHL that showed just how valuable Crow was to the Hawks – they were in playoff contention before he went down and took an absolute nosedive afterwards.

Since then, we endured mediocre or bad play from Anton Forsberg, Jeff Glass and Collin Delia (still has potential). The only true piece of great goaltending we saw came from emergency backup and the best accountant in the Chicagoland area, Scott Foster – I still want a Foster #90 jersey.

Scott Foster.jpg
Image: USA Today

Also, shout out to Cam Ward for holding the fort down this season until tonight.

Welcome back, Crow. We’ve missed you.

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Featured Image: Last Word on Hockey

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