Ru Day 3 Throwback While Away On Paternity Leave: Ru How To,Getting MILFs And Other Sorts Of Older Woman

*Editors Note: Ru is having a baby and won’t be around this week, it’ll be a tough blow to not have him around for a week or so but we will be more than ok.  He decided he wanted to bring you some of his best blogs that you may have missed when we first launched.  Today he brings you his first how to on getting MILFs and other older woman originally posted on July 18th*

We have many younger readers who have been asking questions about getting woman.  Now i must admit I am not great at getting any regular girls.  Girls between 20-28 have never been my desire.  I for the life of me can not figure out why I have always been attracted to/Able to get woman over 30 plus a few.  I’m good at it.  Some say it’s my old soul, some say i have calming eyes, some say I have dick game like Ron Jeremy (Some do say that)  So I wanted to write a how to for those readers on how to get a milf.  We all have that fantasy we all think about it in our young 20’s so Im going to help you do it.

Now you may be asking “Ru what gives you the gosh darn right to guide me”  Well I’m going to tell you my illustrious track record of MILF getting and other sorts of older woman.

May 20th, 2011

A Young 19 year old Nicholas Russo has a nutrition class with a 38 year old fox of a woman trying to stay in the country.  Her two children at school while her ex husband attempts to ruin their lives in America (Shes Canadian.. nothing special)  We become friends, I make a friendly bet with other classmates about possibly sleeping with her.  I never expect to win, but the chase it drives me.  She texts me early in the morning on May 20th while driving, she gets rear ended, not by me however that would come later.  I feel bad, is it my fault? As if I forced her to txt me while driving.  I act caring and loving, I ask her to allow me to come over and take care of her, with my penis.  I dont txt that of course that would be weird.  I come over, we kiss, we make love and date for a year, time goes by so fast as I realize im with a woman in her 40’s, I am not even old enough to legally drink, I move on.

June 21st, 2013

I am older now, many Summers and Winters have passed with woman of ages where no future is possible.  I long for the story, for the hunt from years before.  I am running a GNC putting out a front pretending to also be a personal trainer on the side.  A nice older woman asks for my services.  I accept, we workout on a cloudy June morning.  I walk her to her car she pays me, when she pulls out her phone and shows me a naked picture her husband took of her, I gasp! she is 48 years old and married, I am 22 I am young, single my hormones craving the touch of her old worn down and used body, but I cant I know it’s wrong, she invites me over, we do nothing like making love, more like two Zebras humping in the African planes.  I lay there in her bed wondering if I will go to hell, not for sleeping with a married woman for many other things.  Hell was on my mind a lot back then.  She pops up, puts on a robe, she looks rushed, she opens the door and yells “Honey are you home?”  The color leaves my face, her husband is home, I’m scared, prepared to fight for my life after what I just did to his wife.  She motions for me to follow her, I get happy as she is going to sneak me to freedom!  We pass the kitchen and he is sitting there.  I feel my balls in my throat.  He gets up, I tense up ready to fight, he walks over Im going to hit him and run, he sticks out his hand and says “Hope that was fun” He shakes my hand, I realize these people are swingers, I realize im their bull, im frightened yet turned on.  I’m 22 years old who am I to turn anyone down, then a day later I get a text message that would change me forever, a picture that i have not deleted till this day, I am going to share it with you now..


A picture of my last name plastered across her vaginal region taken by her husband.  I knew that day I could only go back 5-12 more times before they would kill me, after 19 more visits I never returned.

These are only a few instances of why I can help you meet and date older woman.  If you’re into this and would like the help here is what you do, Venmo me $10 to @Nick-Russo-18 and I will give you these secrets for basically free! This is a limited time offer act now! Venmo is open now!

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