Netflix is making people pass out!

Netflix keeps poppin out bangers. And they have done it again…

The Haunting of Hill House has been described as one of the scariest shows ever released.

I’m not gonna act like a tough guy and act like even the trailer doesn’t freak me out a bit. The music, the little kids… The freakin Hill House.

Image – horrorfuel

GQ has said the show is “one of the most truly chilling of all time.”

LadbibleSince being added to the streaming service just four days ago, The Haunting Of Hill House has proven so scary that people are saying they’ve been vomiting, close to passing out and unable to sleep.”

The show is based off a book written by Shirley Jackson, also called the Haunted House on the Hill. The series is 10 episodes… If you can make it that far.

Perfect timing before Halloween.

Netflix and scared puke anyone?

-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – ign

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