Bill Belichick Talked Smack on The Mack

In the middle of my all-day prayers to the Football Gods for Khalil Mack’s ankle to heal, I heard Patriots head coach Bill Belichick talk some shit about our Outside Linebacker and Savior, Khalil Mack.

When asked by a reporter if he puts The Mack in the same class as Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor, Belichick got all defensive and said he doesn’t put anyone in LT’s class, with no disrespect to other players.

Now, I know everyone is saying this wasn’t a slight to our guy Khalil, but I see right through what Billy Boy is trying to do here. He’s doing the good ol’ passive-aggressive underhanded comment that comes off nice, but is really some shit talk.

If I were Mack, I’d just be my usual, quiet self and go off for 4 sacks – on a hobbled ankle, no less – against the Pats this Sunday. I’d also take some advice from our dude Eddie Barstool and put this above my locker…

One thing is for sure, The Mack hasn’t acted like LT off the field and listened to a piece of advice from him at one of his football camps years ago…

Don’t think we don’t see you Coach Belichick…

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Featured Image: Photo Mashup from Zimbio and USA Today

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October 20, 2018 12:01 pm

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