The Astros Are Quickly Going From MLB’s Sweethearts to the Biggest Dirt Bags in Baseball

All you ever hear about the Astros is how special a team they are. They were the underdog for so long and the face of the franchise, Altuve, is the ultimate underdog. It’s hard not to like them, right?

Wrong. Baby face Altuve is one of the few redeeming qualities of this classless organization.

Their true colors started to show going all the way back to last years playoffs.

Unnecessary and racist for sure. But hey, that’s just one guy, you can’t type cast a whole team based on that. Even though you kind of can, people do that all the time in sports. I’m above that though. I’m a better man and everyone deserves a second chance.

So we all gave them one. they remained everyone’s favorite team until last season culminated in a championship for the ‘Stros. But then this year began and the Houston couldn’t help themselves but to get down in the mud again.

If you’re thinking hmmm I know that name just can’t put my finger on why, then let me help you out.

That’s right, the Astros are not only employing and using a player accused of domestic violence just this season, but they’ve stood by him throughout his process.

Instead of just going out and getting another arm to fill this role, they’ve decided the abuser was the best route. For God’s sake, this isn’t basketball where there’s a small pool of players to pick from. Baseball has hundreds of pitchers throughout the majors and minors and the Astros decide to employ the guy suspended for 75 games for being a scumbag and gave up assets to get him.

I mean come on! I could’ve done this for the Astros.

Clearly the Astros have not begun to clean up their act. In fact, they’ve now decided to bring the scum to field and have found themselves in their most recent scandal.

All the way back to August?! I can’t believe they’re even allowed to be in the ALCS from their past discretions, but since they are, and have gotten away with so much to this point, they continue to cheat.

It’s time the MLB take action. Players like Osuna shouldn’t be in the league. If they can ban gamblers then it shouldn’t be a stretch to ban abusers. Gurriel served his time just like Osuna, but I don’t think there’s a place for racism, especially in a multi-cultural sport like baseball, either.

This is a chance for the league to drop the hammer on the Astros and anything short of an SMU death penalty will have me disappointed. The Black Sox ran a cleaner organization than the current Astros team. I won’t stand for their cheating, racist, scumbag actions anymore and neither should anyone else.

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Feature image via Houston Chronicle


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