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Pray for Khalil Mack’s Ankle

This is just a PSA to all Bears fans to pray to every God there is for Khalil Mack’s ankle.

Our outside linebacker and savior Khalil Delshon Mack is undergoing tests this week on the right ankle he injured early in the first quarter this past Sunday against the Dolphins. Mack, like the goddamn badass freak he is, played through the pain the entire game into OT.

The injury clearly made a big impact on Mack as he didn’t register a sack or forced fumble against Miami.

The Bears have remained quiet about the status of his injury and honestly, it scares the shit out of me. To lose the man who’s put up 5 sacks, 4 force fumbles, 1 interception return for a touchdown and 15 tackles at this point in the season would make me cry buckets of sobbing tears. No shame. It’s that serious.

So once again, PRAY for Khalil’s ankle. Even if the Bears have to sit him this week against the Pats (sigh), let’s use anything we can to get this injury healed.

Use #Pray4Mack on social media in support of our outside linebacker and savior’s healing during this time.

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Featured Image: Edited Image from Chicago Tribune


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