Papi is The Embodiment of Every Red Sox Fan

The man, the myth, the legend, David “Big Papi” Ortiz was a cornerstone in my childhood. Most great Red Sox memories in the ole’ noggin of mine all stem from Papi’s success. His retirement was one of the more emotional moments I’ve had with sports. It was seeing a legend of mine move on. At 22, that will begin to happen more frequently for myself. All I can do is hope the rest of my heroes continue to ride or die with Boston the way Papi still does.

Ortiz gave us example number 3975793274 of why he’s the greatest Red Sox player to ever live.

The way he supports his seed leading the Boston charge these days has me, and everyone else around here, giddy with joy.

Seeing Papi explode from excitement like this is like watching yourself in the mirror as JBJ went nuclear for a game breaking grand slam last night. The purity from Papi is what has always endeared him the Sox nation. I couldn’t be happier that retirement was far from the end of it.

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