JBJacks Seals Game 3 With Grand Slam

During game three of the ALCS in Houston Tuesday night I was spending many of the later innings considering who the Red Sox star of the game was.

Steve Pearce hit and 8000 foot home run so he’s instantly a candidate. Mookie had a nice night as well. And I’d be remiss to not give Eovaldi his dues for another fantastic playoff start.

Then, out of no where, Osuna comes in for Houston. He starts plunking batters left and right like it’s Kimbrel in a series ending opportunity and all of the sudden you look up and realize that the bases are juiced.

JBJ steps up batting 1 for 17 during the regular season with bases loaded.


Couldn’t have happened to more scummy person than Osuna. The four runs were not the best thing to come out of this grand slam.

Despite Bradley’s ineptitude to hit with runners in scoring position during the regular season, he’s made it his forte in the playoffs.

Who would’ve guessed, JB FREAKING J is the one mashing with bases loaded. Not me, that’s for sure.

Even more surprising, the Sox bullpen has held strong these last two games. Let that sink in.

I always thought, and mentioned here, that there were ways to limit the bullpen’s mistakes and usage, but never did I expect for the answer to be just have the bullpen pitch better. I figured the Sox would be battling their own bullpen demons until the final day of the season.

Not on Brasier and Barnes’ watch.

The only thing that makes me nervous now is getting too high on this team. Houston is still plenty good to come back from this deficit. Especially if they’re going to be cheating their way through the series.

Ill have a separate blog on that debacle later today.

This is one of the best times ever to be a Boston fan, cherish it and pray that more good is to come.

Suck it Bregman.

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