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10, 9, 8 76ERS!!! America’s favorite basketball team is back in action tonight vs those dirty rotten good for nothing Celtics. In honor of the Sixers return I thought to myself, let’s check some brotherly love prop bets. I here to help you make some cold hard cash this season during the Sixers’ 2018/19 campaign. Let’s hit it

Embiid MVP: +1400

I love Embiid and I love value. +1400 for the league’s most dangerous big men? Huge value, only one problem. LeBron is in LA and the MVP award doesn’t mean the actual Most Valuable Player. So knowing all that I say stay away from this one and go heavy with LeBron.

Ben Simmons MVP: +3000

In a few years this number is going to be closer to +300, in which I’d say take it. But as I just stated, this is LeBron’s year.

Ben Simmons 3-point attempts: 33.5 O/U

This is going to be the hot bet of the season. Last season Benny boy took 11 three-pointers, missing all of them. Also out of those 11 he looked like he wanted to shoot zero of them. Yes he’s been working on his shot and yes everyone has talked shit about him shooting more. I think he takes a ton of more looks from mid range but doesn’t sniff 33.5. Take the under and if I had to guess, Ben finishes the year 4 for 24 from three.

Highest assists per game avergage: Ben Simmons +550

Behind only John wall +200 and Westbrook +250 Ben actually has a real shot at this. +550 is also great value. This is one where I don’t think he gets it, especially after Brett Brown said publicly yesterday that Markelle is going to handle the ball more. But I’d throw a few bucks on this anyway. Nothing you don’t want to lose but just a little taste.

Ben Simmons total triple doubles: 14.5 (-115)

Yes. Take the over all day. Ben had 12 triple double last season as a rookie. (Yes he was a rookie, stop being a bitch.) He also missed out on 3 other triple doubles by only needing either 1 more point, assist or rebound. He will pull in 17 triple doubles this season, heard it here first.

Ben Simmons free throw %: 62.5% O/U

Also crush the over. He broke up with the Jenner and got steady with his shooting coach. He will shoot close to 62.5% but I say he’s right at 64%.

ROY: Zhaire Smith: +9000

Not a chance. If your bookie lets you make $10 bets than yeah put $10 on it. He has no shot but if some how he were to pull it off due to other players getting injured you’d turn $10 into $900.

Sixers Wins: 54.5 O/U

Over. Sixers will be the second best team in the East if they stay healthy. winners of 52 last year I think they just get over the 54 mark. 55 or 56 wins and take the second seed in the East behind those Massholes. Over.

Sixers Finals Odds: +1500

Finally will they make it to the finals. This is another if you have money that you don’t care to lose you take this. Bet the over on Ben’s triple doubles heavy and you can feel more comfortable taking the Sixers here. If you put $50 on them and they get hot at the right time you walk away with $750. Not too shabby.

Now you’re ready for tip-off. Finally prediction, Sixers go 56-26. Second seed in the East. Make it to the Eastern Conference Finals and end up losing to those dirty cheating Celtics in 7.

Hit my music!!!!!!!!!!!

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