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So it’s October. One of the best times of year. The air is getting cooler, the NFL is in full swing, College Football is heating up, we have playoff baseball, oh yeah and hockey and baseball season start too.

What a time to be alive! On top of All that we have… Halloween season. If you don’t love Halloween, well BOO to you! Pumpkins, candy, costumes and scary movies… Yup sign me up.

I wanted to do another movie character power ranking. (Make sure you check out my fictional sports teams and coaches lists.) This time.. Halloween characters. NOT just horror movies, but movies based around Halloween.

Top 5 Halloween Characters.


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Movie: The Great Pumpkin

Character: Charlie Brown

I mean Charlie Brown is a classic overall character. Such a loveable loser type. Now add Halloween and his pursuit of the Great Pumpkin, and you have a great Halloween character. He can’t kick a football, but he can find a The Great Pumpkin.


Movie: ET

Character: ET

Ok.. Ok.. The WHOLE movie isn’t entirely about Halloween but ET dressed up for Halloween is awesome. Not to mention, ET has turned into a huge costume for kids to college kids to be for Halloween. ET.. Trick or Treat! Classic Ghost Costume.


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Movie: Halloween

Character: Michael Meyer

This dude just never gives up. No matter what happens he won’t leave Laurie alone. He’s a heck of a killer and that mask is simply terrifying. Longevity is also gains him points, his killing career spans about 100 Halloween Movies.


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Movie: Hocus Pocus

Characters*: The Sanderson Sisters

At first I wasn’t a fan of this movie or the Sanderson Sisters. But during October it’s on almost every freakin night on TV, and my wife loves it so I think we’ve watched it 50 times. They grew on me. They are clever they are funny and damn they can even sing? I guess they “Put a spell on me”‘ at least they didn’t turn me into a cat.


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Movie: Nightmare before Christmas

Character: JACK The Pumpkin King

I have loved this movie since I was a kid and still do. Jack is the man, he’s scary but has a heart. He’s the man in the whole town and is literally the king of Halloween. THEN he falls in love with Christmas and becomes “Sandy-Claws” You can’t make it up. Oh yeah and he has a ghost dog named Zero. Perfection.

And don’t you dare tell me “this is Halloween this is Halloween” doesn’t get stuck in your head every damn time you hear it.

That’s the best of the best. That’s my list, those are my Rankings. Don’t @ me.

Kevin “That Cowboys Guy”

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