EDP’s Fake Ass Pizza Boy Controversy

According to twitter sources, notable fraud Eagles Fan, Bryant Moreland known more as “EDP”, has turned on his long time ass minion Kyle “Im going to train in mma for my family” Meagher.

Meagher, a Pizza Boy and youtube/twitter famous wannabe, has always been EDP’s biggest Stan and ass minion. Do I sniff fake controversy because their YouTube videos suck? I do. They’re fucking trash. EDP jumped the shark with the Birds winning the Super Bowl. No one will believe a Birds fan is that angry for at least a few years. Commence stirring up controversy. Oldest and dumbest play in the book.

Thing is Edp isn’t even a real Eagles fan. Dude claims he became a Birds fan watching Bobby Hoying. Any real fan would know that Bobby Hoying did nothing but make you want to gauge your eyes out. The truth? He’s an Ex-Cardinals fan who lives in California who saw that he can play fake angry as an Eagles fan for a way to earn money.

This fraud asshole once thought it was ok to call me and threaten me because I called him out a few years ago. Calling me from a blocked number he started telling me he was gonna get gofundme money to buy him a plane ticket so he can fly out and kick my ass and get more freebies from suckers that are so desperate to be cool and YouTube famous that they throw globs of money at him. I in turn did what anyone who has balls and self respect from Philly would do and that is Flip the Fuck Out. I don’t exactly remember what I said because I was so pissed but there is an alleged recording of the call that “The Zompster” has heard and let me know that I sound like a psychopath. I did because if you’re gonna call me about some dumbass twitter bullshit while I’m busting my ass working you’re gonna get an earful. Why hasn’t EDP ever released that recording? Cause the bitch apologizes and tries to leave things as friends.

As I said then and will say now: EDP, fight me bro. Let’s get it sanctioned in an mma cage. Fuck it. Get your fake enemy Kyle Meagher’s “Training to fight for his family” ass and fight me and my boy @BrandedRu in an MMA tag team fight. Rumors have Ru at 14-1 in men’s league Hockey fights. Smart money is on the Branded sports fellas coming through #ForTheBrand

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Donte Caldwell
October 25, 2019 7:37 pm

Stop lying clown