Banner 18 Is On The Horizon and Tonight Is Where The Journey Begins

If you’re new to the NBA you may not have heard, but with the signing of Boogie Cousins this offseason, the Warriors have yet again destroyed basketball. The rest of the league has been mourning as even LeBron’s move to LA won’t be enough to cause Golden State to budge from the top spot.

No need to fret though, there is a squad lurking, training and ready to be the savior this league needs. Deep in the confines of Boston, Brad Stevens has a lab where he is cultivating the perfect team basketball with the beautiful pieces given to him by Danny Ainge.

That is where a championship team will be born. Throughout the season it will be molded into the only unit capable of making the Warriors sweat.

The team’s dry run in the preseason didn’t go to Dr. Steven’s liking.

Trial and error is what makes teams successful. The hope and anticipation is that the suck will be wiped off of this team for the season opener against Philly.

If you know me, you know I have little patient for 76er’s fans. I think the “process” has grown old. I mean at some point you have to complete the goddamn process. It should be complete and the Celtics are still head and shoulders above them. Toronto scares me more than those bums. And Toronto doesn’t scare me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Celtics lost game one just for motivation going forward. Very Belichickien move which is the exact track Stevens tends to run on. Also, if you have a good memory, you’ll know the Celtics early season dominance began last year following the Kyrie “Suck my dick” game.

Great memories. More will be made Tuesday night as the Celtics spank the Sixers the same as they did without Kyrie and Hayward last season in their gentleman’s sweep of them during the playoffs.

Some things to note for tonights game. First and foremost, Hayward will be playing up to 25 minutes.

I’ve got butterflies too Gordon. We’ve been clamoring for well over a year to see this complete unit in action and the time has finally come.

This team will come full circle this year. They’re done waiting and so are we. All of this nonsense about waiting out the Warriors to take the crown is just that, nonsense. The Celtics are good enough right now to battle for the throne.

Always remember…

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