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2 Chainz Is Here To Pump Us Up For The Start Of The NBA Season Tonight

If you weren’t already ready to run through a brick wall in anticipation of the start of the 2018 NBA season tonight, 2 Chainz is here to change that.

In this 1 minute rap, 2 Chainz perfectly summarizes everything notable that happened this offseason in only a way 2 Chainz can. He rhymes ‘Hayward back’ with ‘stay in tact’ to open up the verse and my ears immediately caught fire. It must kill him to not have one Atlanta Hawks reference in there but that’s what happens when you’re not relevant as a sports town. The offer is on the table; Lakers Nation will accept you with open arms Mr. Chainz.

The video itself is mostly just someone fucking around in photoshop and I would have preferred more 2 Chainz himself instead of a cartoon replica. Probably too expensive for the NBA.


The most electric highlight of the video as well as the offseason was Kawhi’s laugh track. I’ll never not laugh at fun guy Kawhi.

The real NBA season kicks off on Thursday when the Lakers take on the Trailblazers but I guess if you like you can watch the Celtics and the Sixers tonight at 8. There’s certainly nothing interesting happening between those 2 teams. I still need a few more days to mentally prepare for having to root for LeBron anyways.




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