You Can Crown Goff, Baker And Mahomes If You Want…. Carson Wentz Didn’t Hear No Bell

*Editors Note: This is being written on a Saturday morning at noon before anything happens this Sunday, so any injuries or bad games will not be taken into account*

Thursday night Carson Wentz played a bad team on the road on a short week.  He dominated for 3 touchdowns in a big win to save the Eagles season.  It was a bad team on the other side (who played strong against everyone so far this year, but don’t let the rest of the world tell you that)  It was a franchise QB type of win when the QB had to be great he was.  The reason for this blog is because the man has gotten no respect since the start of this season.  I hear about Mahomes, I hear about Goff and Baker all great QBs thus far. Goff being the best of those 3 easily, but nobody wants to give Carson credit anymore.  I was going to use stats to prove my point like…

  • 19 consecutive games with a TD pass to
  • 21 consecutive games with at least one TD and one interception or less
  • 57 TDs in his first 33 games. Only Dan Marino, Kurt Warner, Matthew Stafford have more in NFL history
  • Last 17 starts have resulted in 41 TDs/8 INTs and 4400 yards

I was going to use those stats to make points that Carson has proven he can be successful for a long period of time and continue to do so over a long stretch.  I’m not going to use those stats though because facts and reasoning ring hollow to the haters and losers of which there are many.

Before I continue let me say that Goff Mahomes and Baker are good QB’s.  In fact I think Goff is great.  If I was a Rams fan I would be happy with Goff and as an Eagles fan I’m happy with Wentz.  Wentz is a tough nose Philly type guy.  Goff is a pretty boy long ball LA type guy.  It worked out for both teams.  for the next 10-15 years Goff and Wentz will be connected at the hip, that’ll never change.  basically I am making the point that none of this is a hate on Goff or the other two QBs.  They are great and I love how they play, this is about my QB and how great he is.

Let’s look at what Carson Wentz does during every game this year, forget last year during his MVP season.  He came off of an ACL and MCL tear after 9 months.  Which I would like to point out he played on for 3 plays after the tear.  Stood in the pocket and delivered a strike to Agholor, in which Alshon caught (He was injured give him a break)  He walked off the field and walked into the locker room.  Aaron Rodgers stubbed his toe against the bears and needed a cart, nothing against him but let me brag about how tough my QB is. Fats forward 9 months.  He works his ass off all off-season.  Gets in the playbook, practices throwing makes it his life to get better and come back.  He comes back with a hunger and a desire to win and get to the Superbowl.  They asked him after the Giants game.  “Do you think the Superbowl hangover is real?”  he responded. “No, not from me anyway I wasn’t on the field playing, I want to go back and play.”  I love that from my QB!  I love it!!!

Carson Wentz is a warrior and a god damn beast.  I’ve never seen someone take the punishment he takes and get back up and deliver a strike like he can.  He’s an animal on the field, he keeps his head and puts the O on his back.  I would like him to get hit less but that is out of our control.  He can’t make people block.  I hope before you say the best young QBs are in LA, Cleveland, and KC just remember there is a BAAAAAAAAADDDD man out in Philly, and he didn’t hear no bell on this decision to leave him out of the best young QB conversation.

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October 20, 2018 12:00 pm

[…] You can crown Goff, Baker and Mahomes if you want… Wentz didn’t hear no bell! […]