The New Englanders Who Threw Beer On Tyreek Hill When He Was Trying To Shake Their Hands To Congratulate Them On The Great Game Should Be Sent To Jail For Life And The Pats Should Be Forced to Forfeit The Season

Last night I was watching a classic football game on a beautiful Sunday night.  Chiefs and Patriots, classic match up.  It was a shootout, score for score, TD for TD neither QB would blink it was as back and forth and back and forth gets.  Then when the Chiefs needed it most Mahomes found Tyreek Hill for a long score and as Hill was slowing down his run to shake Patriots fans hands on the great contest, these racist Pats fans threw burning alcohol all over him

This is disgusting and gross.  I don’t know how I am supposed to wake up everyday and explain to my son why this happens in todays America.  A black man just working to provide for his family trying to tell other men this has been fun and shake their hands gets the middle finger pointed at him? And at that same time he gets Alcohol that could have been poison thrown in his face?  FOR SHAME NEW ENGLAND!!!  I just don’t know how the NFL can let the Patriots continue to have a franchise.  I really dont at this point.  I think it is only fair that the NFL strips the Pats of all of their titles and takes away the entire franchise.  Tom Brady should be forced to retire because he allows his fan base to do such awful things.  Robert Kraft should have to sell the team because of this crime against humanity.  I am truly disgusted and upset with the actions of the entire New England fan base this morning.  I cal on the NFL to do the right thing and force the Patriots to forfeit not only this season but the last 18 seasons.  That seems like a fair punishment, that brings the official Superbowl count for the Eagles up.


Eagles- 2
Pats- 0

I didn’t want to win this way but it’s only fair that it happens this way.  Sorry New England you did this to yourself.

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October 20, 2018 12:00 pm

[…] New England beer throwers should be thrown in jail […]