Happiness Always Comes at a Price

This past weekend nearly surpassed all expectations of the Boston fan base. Saturday got kicked off by a miraculous matinée by the Bruins that featured a Pastrnak hat trick, a pair of goals by DeBrusk and Bjork’s first goal of the season to boot.

An 8-2 trouncing of the feeble Red Wings was a great way to start the weekend, but was by far the least important contest in Boston.

Saturday night was a blemish that would make my 14 year old self cringe at. Sale got roughed up as the Astros worked endless full counts against him. The Astros offense wasn’t what did the damage in the game however (until the 9th that is). The Red Sox pitching shot themselves in the foot walking 10 batters during the game.

It was a disgusting and deplorable way to end day one of this weekend’s bukake of Boston sports.

With that being said, there was still Sunday. Sunday featured a Sunday Night Football game between the Pats and undefeated Chiefs as well as game two of the ALCS. The ALCS began at 7 and the Pats at 8:20. It was quite the conundrum for Boston as people were forced to pull every tv in the house into the living just to enjoy their teams.

To make things worse, we were on edge the entirety of both games. You look to the TV on the right, David Price was painstakingly working through 4.2 innings and you look to your left and the Chiefs are returning kick offs back to the Pats 3 yard line.

However, by midnight it was all worth it because Price survived and the Patriots did what the Patriots do and tacked a tally in Kansas City’s record with a last second field goal.

What a weekend for sports, what a weekend for Boston. Next stop, Tuesday night where the Celtics open their season against the pitiful 76ers and the Red Sox head to Houston for game three.

I love my life.

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Feature Image via NYPost

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