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Let’s Go ‘Stros!

If you have been under a rock and don’t know… I am a Yankee fan. A sad, bitter.. Red Sox hating Yankee fan.

Yes, the Astros eliminated the Yanks last season in the ALCS. But, it was a hell of a series and they are just fun to watch.

The Sox on the other hand… Not so fun.! AND… They played NY NY in the locker room to celebrating beating the Yanks. Nope.

I am Team Astros 1 billion %. And what a perfect start to the series last night. Sorry Joe Kelly.

If you are not sure who to root for here are somethings to make you Team Astro’s. If you are already a ‘Stro’s fan, enjoy the Pump Up material. And, if your a Sox fan.. Well, suck it.

I mean first… If you don’t root for Altuve do you even have a heart?

Smallest Dude with the Biggest Game!

Image – Houston Chronicle

Bagwell in Orange > Bagwell in Red

This… I wanna see this again!

Alex Cora in Orange > Alex Cora in Red

Remember… The Hill..

I mean best throwbacks in baseball…?

Image – Walley

More Astros… More Kate Upton

Image – Yahoo

Nolan. Ryan.

Yeah he was a Ranger here but.. Who Cares?!

Hey Girl Hey..

Gif – Giphy

I think you get the point.


Image – Giphy

-Kevin “That Guy”

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