Philadelphia Eagles – Studs and Duds against the GMen

It’s always more fun to write this segment after a huge win. Last night it seemed everything was clicking for the Philadelphia Eagles and this segment will surely reflect that.


2. Anyone while trying to Tackle Saquan Barkley – I am not calling out Malcom Jenkins or any other Eagle for that matter for not being able to tackle him. He’s the closest thing anyone has seen to Barry Sanders in a long fucking time. God man he’s even got the same tree trunk legs. Can anyone figure out if his birth correlates with the retirement of Barry Sanders? Is this a Dalai Llama type player where a new child is crowned when the other retires?

1. Jason Peters – Big Dawg it is either time to rest and get healthy or it is time to retire buddy.


7. Jalen Mills – You didnt look like burnt toast yesterday and I will say your Goal Line Pass defending is on lock down pal. Stop being a twot and we can be friends.

6. The Front 7 – All of you played out of your minds. Bennett, dont worry about that penalty, that shit was horsecrap.

5. Wendell Smallwood – Keep running hard.

4. Alshon Jeffrey – Dynamic is the best word for how he played yesterday. Used in screens and longer passes. Way he moved to get some of those first downs were great. Didnt Andrew Porter say this dude wasn’t elite? Dumbass

3. Carson Wentz – Let the NFL Sleep, I’ll stay woke.

2. Jason Kelce – I saw you down field last night laying hits. Thats the crazy ass center I remember. With you goes the offensive line bro. Keep it up.

1. Deandre Carter – Who the fuck are you? Well actually I know who you are now. Welcome to the show. Show me more.

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